About Me

Hi Guys! Welcome to SouthernDivaKP. My name is Kheushla Powe and I'm the founder and head diva in charge at SouthernDivaKP, LLC. My mission is to help  women business professionals and credevelop a polished professional image. 

How did I get started? Well, I have been in Corporate America for over 16 years. During that time I noticed the way my fellow female coworkers struggled to figure out what to wear to the office. I used to be one of those women struggling to merge my personal style with my office dress code. That is until I figured out, you don't have to sacrifice your style to fit within your dress code. My goal is to others figure out their style and the best way to merge it with their work wardrobe.

I also have a love of well organized closets. i like to merge my engineering design skills with my love of interior design and organization to come up with a functional closet layout. You can have a well organized, boutique style closet without breaking the bank.