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What Not to Wear to the Office

What Not to Wear to the Office

I know it’s hot and we all want to to be comfortable and cool. I get that but we also know there are some things you should not wear in the workplace. I also understand that being fashionable in the workplace can be tricky. You want to be cute and also fit within the dress code. You can balance being taken seriously in the office and also bring in your personal style. In previous posts we have discussed what’s appropriate to wear to work. Here are a few tips on what not wear to the office.

Start With the Foundation

Standing in front of a meeting room with your panty line showing is just not a good look. Make sure you are wearing the proper undergarments. Ill-fitting underwear can ruin the nicest outfit. Your under garments can also help give you extra lift or tuck. Make sure you have the essentials like a good-fitting bra for your size or shape, nude and black camisoles, and seamless underwear.

No Clubwear

If you would wear it out for a night of partying, it’s probably not suitable for the office. You guys know leggings in the workplace grate on my nerves. Here are a few more pieces you should leave at the house:

  • Faded clothing

  • Short dresses or skirts

  • Plunging necklines

  • Unwashed clothing

  • Spaghetti straps

Unsuitable Shoes

I am a shoe addict, so I pay a lot of attention to what shoes I wear everyday. Unless you are in a super casual office, sneakers and flip flops should not be worn. For the sake of my feet I try not to wear a heel over 4 inches. You may want to check your office dress code to find out whether open-toed shoes are allowed.

Ill-fitting Clothing

Tight clothing shouldn’t be worn to the office under any circumstances. Baggy clothing can make you look sloppy and unkempt. If you can’t find things off the rack that fit you well, find a good seamstress. There’s nothing like clothing tailored to fit. It gives you a more polished look.

Plan Your Wardrobe

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.  Check your calendar at the beginning of each week and plan your outfits accordingly. You can make sure you have your items that go together and you’re ready to go each morning. Having everything planned out will also help you get dressed faster in the mornings. Get your free copy of the Style Guide to help plan out your wardrobe.

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