Staple Pieces Needed to Merge Your Work and Weekend Style

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It would be great to have a closet or budget large enough to have separate wardrobes: one for work and one for the weekend/outside of work. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have that luxury. The simplest solution for this issue is to purchase pieces that easily transitions from work wear to weekend wear.

When purchasing new pieces, you should pick pieces that you will be able to get the most wear out of as possible. (Cost per Wear post) You should be able to build a stylish wardrobe without having to label pieces as dressy or casual. The goal is to have staple pieces that you can wear both to the office and on the weekends.

Those pieces are your wardrobe basics. (Wardrobe Basics post) Your basics should be a combination of both casual and your more dressy pieces. Your basics are pieces you can pair with anything else in your closet and it should match. Here are a few staple pieces you should have in your closet and ways to style them for the office and for the weekend.

Blazers and Basic Tees

Every closet should have a nice, quality blazer. A blazer is a staple piece that can be worn in  and outside of the workplace. Your wardrobe should also consist of several long and short sleeve tees.

White Button Down Shirt

A white button down is a must have staple that should be in everyone's closet. This piece can be worn to the office with a pair of slacks and with a pair of jeans for the weekend.

Pencil Skirt

A simple pencil skirt can be dressed up to be worn to the office and dressed down for date night. And yes, I think leather can be worn to the office if done right.

Denim Trousers

A cute pair of denim trousers are perfect for those casual Fridays at the office. They also are perfect for a day out with the girls.

What other staples (wardrobe basics) should we all have in our closets? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Grab a copy of the Closet Essentials Checklist to help build your wardrobe basics.

*All jewelry featured in this post is from House of Charlotte Boutique .