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How to Set Achievable Goals for the New Year

How to Set Achievable Goals for the New Year

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Happy New Year guys! The new year is a time for setting new goals and resolutions (I haven’t made a resolution in years). Most of us set financial goals and goals to get in shape. You also need to spend time setting goals for your career or business.

How many of you have set clear, written goals and made detailed plans on how to accomplish them. If you haven’t, sit down and come up with a plan of action for each goal. A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Here are a few things you should do in order to write a clear and concise set of goals.

  • Decide what you want to accomplish

  • Break your goal into smaller, more achievable goals

  • Develop a plan of action to achieve each goal

Your goals should be well defined, achievable, and time focused.  You should keep track of your progress and analyze whether your plan of action is  working or needs to tweaked. If you see you’re not getting the desired results, make adjustments. If it’s not working, change your strategy not the goal.

Getting an accountability partner is another great way to stay on track with your plan of action. Meet with your partner and lay out each goal, your plan to achieve them, and your time for each goal. Meet with your accountability partner periodically to go over how things are going with your goals. Don’t be selfish, help your partner with their goals also. Try not to make it just about you. That’s the whole point in having a partner. Help each other!

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Creating vision board is another way to help with achieving your goals. I’m a visual person. I truly believe that things tend to manifest once you put them on paper. Grab a few magazines, a poster board, scissors, a little glue and start making your vision plain. Place your vision somewhere you can see each day. Looking at it each day will give you a little more motivation to make sure you make them happen.

Have you set your goals for the year? Do you believe in vision boards? Let me know what you think in the comments. Grab a copy of the goals worksheet to help you get started.

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