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Summer Shoe Care Tips

Summer Shoe Care Tips

Summer Shoe Care Tips IG

It has been hot for a while now and I know we are all pulling out those cute sandals. If your sandals have been packed up in a closet or under a bed during Fall and Winter they may need a little care. Here are a few shoe care tips you can use to keep your shoe investment in tip top shape.

Find a Good Shoe Shop.  Make sure to replace those heel taps when they need to be replaced.  There is absolutely nothing cute about hearing your heels scraping the ground when you walk.  Another thing I’ve started doing is protecting the soles of my heels especially the soles of my Louboutins.  This is where a good shoe shop comes in handy.

Heel Liners are a Must Have.  I have flat feet and they tend to slip out of pumps so heel liners are a must for me.  I have used both Foot Petals and Pedag brands. Both are pretty good at keeping me from flopping around in pumps.

Use Dust bags for Travel.  Keeping your shoes in dust bags can keep them from getting all scratched up while traveling.  These dust bags from Port & Company are awesome.

Magic Erasers and Petroleum Jelly are Your Friends.  You can use Magic Erasers to help remove those pesky black marks on your heels.  Petroleum jelly or Windex can help keep those patent leather shoes all nice, shiny and free of scuffs.  Vinegar will also help remove water stains from leather shoes.

Yes, a Nail File.  A nail file will buff the dirt right off your nice suede shoes.

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These are just some of the tips I like to use for my shoe investments. What are some of your favorite tips to keep your shoes in tip top shape?

Bonus:  This is not a shoe care tip but it is one that will help out all my fellow heel wearers.  Taping you third and fourth toes together will help with the pain at the ball of your feet.  Apparently there's a nerve in those toes that affects the ball of your foot.

Have you tried any of the tips listed above? What are some good shoe care tips to add to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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