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Warm Weather Office Outfit Inspiration

April has been a pretty interesting month weather wise. The weather has flipped back and forth from cold to hot. Hopefully, we will have consistent warm weather soon. When it begins to warm up, most of us tend to become more relaxed with what we wear to work. I believe you still need to be office appropriate even if it is hot as the crap.

How to Build Confidence and Get Over the Imposter Syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud professionally? Have you felt that at any moment someone will figure out you don’t know everything there is to know about your profession? Well I have news for you. Everyone feels that way at some point. So what exactly is “imposter syndrome”? Imposter syndrome refers to highly successful people fearing being thought of as a fraud. These folks are unable to recognize their own achievements on their path to success. Some even attribute their success to just luck.

Building Your Work Wardrobe Basics

Most corporate jobs either require business professional or business casual. Some smaller offices may even let their employees wear casual attire. Whatever your office dress code is, it can be difficult trying to be code appropriate and fashionable. Being fashionable and appropriate in the a work setting can be tricky.  You want to be cute while staying within the dress code. No one wants to work with or promote a sloppy or unkempt person, no matter how hard of a worker you are. Bottom line your appearance is important. This post will walk you through building the basics or foundation of your work wardrobe. This post will cover those three main dress codes.

How to Ask For What You Are Worth

Back in November, I attended a leadership conference for Women in Energy. The first seminar was on negotiating and how most women shy away from it. Statistics say that women are less likely to negotiate for what they feel they are worth than men. While there is most definitely a wage gap between genders, most men start out making more because they are willing to ask for more.