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Using the 70/30 Rule to Build Your Wardrobe

Using the 70/30 Rule to Build Your Wardrobe

The way to have a fully functional wardrobe is to build your basic pieces. Your basics should be more classic pieces that are timeless and not trendy. Limiting the amount of trendy pieces you purchase will keep you from feeling like you have nothing to wear when those trends are no longer in style.

Utilize the 70/30 Rule to give your closet the balance it needs. So what exactly is the 70/30 Rule? I’m glad you asked. Your closet should be 70% classic and functional pieces, 30% trendy and fun pieces.

Classic and Functional Pieces (70%)

Approximately 70% or more of your wardrobe  should be be your wardrobe basics. The very foundation of your wardrobe. Your wardrobe basics should provide you with several options that you can mix and match no matter the season. Use the rule of three when purchasing new items. Think of at least three things you can wear it with and three different ways you can wear it. Here are a few basic pieces you should definitely have in your closet.

Wardrobe basics: White button down shirt, short and long sleeve tees, a blazer, little black dress, skinny jeans

Trendy and Fun Pieces (30%)

About 30% or less of your wardrobe should be dedicated to those fun and trendy pieces. As a rule, I tend to splurge on my basics and spend as little as I can on the more trendy pieces. I think you should definitely add trendy pieces to your wardrobe from time to time to keep it fresh and up to date. Bell sleeve tops and frayed jeans are two of my favorite trends right now. I’ll be honest with you, I bought my frayed jeans from Fashion Nova simply because I didn’t want to make a huge investment on a piece that may or may not be in style next year or even next season.

The purpose of utilizing this rule is to help you build a fashionable and fully functional wardrobe that will last from season to season. What do you think of the 70/30 Rule? What rules (if any) do you use to build your wardrobe? If you are struggling with figuring out which trends will work for you, develop a Pinterest Style Board as discussed in this post or get your free copy of my Style Guide.

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