Wardrobe Basics You Should Add to Your Closet This Spring

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The basics are the foundation for an amazing wardrobe. Once you have the basic pieces, finding something to wear each day should be a piece of cake.  Your basics should be able to last from year to year and should also be able to stand the test of time.

A wardrobe with a solid foundation should last from season to season. Your wardrobe basics should provide you with several options that you can mix and match, no matter what the season is. The purpose of building your wardrobe basics is to create a functional wardrobe.

When adding new pieces to your wardrobe this Spring, remember to use the 70/30 Rule. Your closet should be 70% classic and functional pieces, 30% trendy and fun pieces. Here are a few basic pieces you should definitely add to your closet, if you haven’t already.

The Basic Tee

The classic tee in several different colors and sleeve lengths should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Here are few cute options.

Denim Jacket

A cute denim jacket will be perfect for those cool Spring mornings. It would be cute worn over one of your classic tees.

White Jeans

Now you should definitely have a pair of white jeans in your closet. I have a pair in three different style: skinny, flared, and classic straight leg.


For those days when you haven’t a chance to have those toes done, a cute pair of flats will definitely come in handy.


Now a cute pair of wedges are an absolute must have in your closet for the Spring and Summer months. I’m sure most of you already have them. If not, what are you waiting on.

Like I said earlier, your basic pieces should provide you with several options that you can mix and match, no matter what the season is. With a solid wardrobe foundation you should be able to repurpose the same pieces over and over again. The goal is to cut down on shopping to add new pieces and to start utilizing the things you already have.

The great thing is, you do not have to break the bank when building your wardrobe basics. I believe you should invest in staple pieces like, a nice pair of jeans or a quality pair of flats. Believe me you can find quality pieces at bargain prices.

Building your wardrobe basics is the best way to eliminate those frustrating moments of struggling to find something to wear. Be sure to get your copy of the Closet Essentials List to help you add the basics you need to build a nice wardrobe.

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