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How to Give Your Closet a Boutique Style Makeover

How to Give Your Closet a Boutique Style Makeover

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Pinterest can give you a serious case of closet envy. Are you ready to make your closet look like one of those closet goals pictures? Believe it or not, there are ways to give your closet a boutique style makeover without breaking the bank.

We all know a well organized closet can make your mornings a lot easier. A well organized and gorgeously chic closet is just the icing on the cake. Here are several ways you can give your closet that chic, boutique-style feel on a budget.

Give it a pop of color. Add a little color to your closet with paint. A fresh coat of paint can help upgrade any room. A bright pink or Tiffany blue would look amazing in a closet (as long as you don’t share it with your spouse).

Let there be light. Dress up your closet with a chic chandelier. It will give your closet a little flair and it will also give it more light and make your items easier to see. You can also add under-shelf lighting to help give your cute pieces even more shine.


Organize your closet by type and color. Group like items together.  Each type of clothing should have its own designated area in your closet. After segregating each item into a category, hang them by color and by length.  For example, start with your black tops and arrange them by the length of the sleeves: sleeveless, short, three-quarter and long. Repeat those steps with each category of clothing you are planning to hang.  

You can take this same approach with the items you are planning to fold.  Segregate and fold them by color and length.

Match Your Hangers. Matching hangers will put the finishing touches on your newly organized closet.  Whether you decide on wood, felt, or plastic, having the same type of hangers will give your closet a more uniform, boutique-style feel. I prefer the felt Huggable hangers. Please no wire hangers, the thought of them makes me itch.

Add a Mirror. Every girl needs a floor length mirror. If you have the space, adding a mirror will give your closet a nice dressing room feel. Having a mirror in your closet would be perfect for giving yourself a once over and taking those morning selfies.

Display Your Accessories. To organize your smaller accessories, pick a designated area to store them and store them by the accessory type.  You can store your items in clear storage boxes, trays, and jewelry holders.  I have my necklaces displayed on the back of my closet door.  I hung them on the door using small clear adhesive hooks.  Peg boards can also be used to hang your jewelry in your closet, if you have the available wall space.

You can put scarves on tie racks or loop them through shower curtain rings on a hanger. Small hand bags, belts, and hats can be stored on hanging hooks,

Give Your Closet A Boutique Style Makeover

Put Your Shoes on Display. Lose the clunky shoe boxes that take up entirely too much space. If you have shelving in your closet, place those gorgeous shoes heel to toe to help save a little extra space. Organize them by by type, color, and heel height. You can also store them in

What are some of your favorite closet organization tips? Let me know in the comments or reach out to me on social media.


Here’s a list of some things you may need to properly organize your closet:

  • Storage bags

  • Matching hangers (I like Huggable Hangers)

  • Plastic shoe containers

  • Decorative bins

  • Shoe caddies

  • Shelving

  • Clear trays or bowls for accessories

  • Sequined hangers would really add flair

Places to shop closet storage items:

  • Home Depot

  • Lowes

  • The Container Store

  • HomeGoods

  • Target

  • Walmart

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond

  • Brownstone Closets (sequined hangers)

  • Ikea

  • Amazon

  • Pottery Barn

  • West Elm

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