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SouthernDiva's Holiday Shopping Guide

The Holiday Season has arrived and it can be difficult to find little gifts for family and friends. I have put to together a few things from some of my favorite little online shops. The best thing about these gifts? You don’t have to go to a crowded mall to get them.

Understanding Your Body Type

There’s absolutely nothing worse than a woman with an amazing outfit but it ill-fitting. That’s a total waste of a great outfit. Knowing your body type and what you should and shouldn’t wear is the key to not being that woman. Let’s get started.

What Not to Wear to the Office

I know it’s hot and we all want to to be comfortable and cool. I get that but we also know there are some things you should not wear in the workplace. I also understand that being fashionable in the workplace can be tricky. You want to be cute and also fit within the dress code. You can balance being taken seriously in the office and also bring in your personal style. In previous posts we have discussed what’s appropriate to wear to work. Here are a few tips on what not wear to the office.