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Understanding Your Body Type

Understanding Your Body Type

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There’s absolutely nothing worse than a woman with an amazing outfit but it ill-fitting. That’s a total waste of a great outfit. Knowing your body type and what you should and shouldn’t wear is the key to not being that woman. Let’s get started.

What are the different body types:

• Apple-shaped (Bigger on the top): your shoulder and bust area are larger than than your hip area

• Extra Curvy (Bigger around the middle): you are a little larger in the stomach area

• Pear-shaped (Bigger on the bottom): you have a little extra in the butt/hip area

• Hourglass (Proportional): your bust and hips are equal; you have a defined waistline

• Rectangle (No curves): straight up and down; no defined waistline

It's pretty easy to determine your body type.  All you need to do is measure your bust, your waist, and your hips.  If you are hips and behind are bigger that your bust area, you are bigger on the bottom.

Most women do not have the coveted proportional body type but if you dress properly for your body type, you can achieve it visually.  For example, if you have the "bigger on the top" body type, the top part of the hourglass is already filled.  You need to focus filling the lower half.

To fill in the smaller proportioned areas, you can wear bold colors, ruffles, sequins, and add texture. Likewise, you need to wear items the draws the eye away from your larger proportioned areas.

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If you are larger on the bottom:

• Try to draw attention to your upper half (through bold colors, prints, and accessories)

• wear tops that flatter (printed tops, tops with embellishments or ruffles)

• wear bottoms that flatter (dark streamlined pants and skirts)

Tip: if you want to wear a more fitted pant like skinny jeans, try to create more fullness up to proportion everything out.

What to Avoid:

• Tight tops

• Tight, body hugging bottoms

• Floor-length, straight skirts

• Sheath dresses

• Bright colors and bold patterns on the bottom

• High-waist pants

• Jeans with embellishments and extra pockets


If you are larger on the top:

• try to draw attention to your bottom half (through bold colors and prints)

• wear tops that flatter (cowl necks, tops with wider straps)

• wear bottoms that flatter (voluminous skirts and wide leg pants to balance your top half)

Tip: High waist bottoms hit at the narrowest part of your body, this helps draw attention to your waistline

What to Avoid:

• Double-breasted jackets

• Shoulder pads

• Tops with ruffles near the neckline

• High neck tops

• Tight knit tops

• Bold patterns up top

• Anything tight across the chest

Extra Curvy

If you are bigger around the middle, focus on defining your waist. This can be done by:

• Adding a belt (place around the smallest part of your waist)

• Single button jackets

• V-neck tops

• Wide-leg and trouser cut pants

• A-line skirts and dresses

Tip: Skinny jeans and leggings may not be your friend.  High rise jeans holds in the tummy; this is a better fit for you than the low rise jeans.

What to Avoid:

• Ruffles

• Horizontal stripes

• Huge prints

• Shiny fabrics

• Wide belts


If you have the coveted proportional shape:

• Tops with a narrow neckline help play up your curves

• Wrap dresses and tops (highlight your waist and creates the illusion of curves)

• Pieces that fit close to the body

• Fit and flare dresses

Tip: Avoid shapeless tops and tent dresses are just silly when you have this shape.

What to Avoid:

• Spaghetti straps (you need wider straps to balance your full bust)

• Shapeless shirts and skirts

• Too many details around the bust or the bottom

• High neck tops and dresses

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If you have no curves at all:

• Wear tops that create the illusion of curves (v-neck, scoop neck, sweetheart neckline)

• Wear bottoms that flatter (skinny or straight pants, flared and wide leg bottoms help add volume on the bottom.

• High waist pants and skirts also help create the illusion of curves

• Ruffles and pockets also help create the illusion of curves

Tip: Overly baggy clothes are definitely not your friend. The goal is to create curves not hide them.

What to Avoid:

• Clingy, and tight fitting tops

• Short cropped jackets

• Vertical patterns and lines

• Straight cut denim

Knowing your body type should help you with purchasing the right clothes to fit you. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post. You can also reach out to me on social media.

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