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Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

Fashion Trends for Fall/Winter 2017

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Let’s talk about fashion trends for Fall and Winter. Now you guys know how I feel about trends. Your closet should be stocked with mostly basics, but you should also mix in trendy pieces to keep your wardrobe up to date.

Remember to use the 70/30 Rule to bring balance to your closet (see previous post). To have a well balanced closet, it should be 70% classic and functional, 30% trendy and fun.  Now that I have convinced you that it is okay to actually add a few trendy pieces to your closet, here are some trends that are definitely in for Fall/Winter 2017.


Yes, you read that right. Florals. I know it’s no longer Summer but floral patterns have made their way into Fall and Winter fashions. Floral blazers and blouses are one of the easiest ways to incorporate this trend.

Army Green

Seriously guys, this is one of my favorite colors right now. And you can find it all throughout my closet. Here's a way to incorporate this trend into your work wardrobe. This trendy piece can also be considered a basic. You should definitely have a few great blazers in your wardrobe. This one fits the bill.


Now I was a little skeptical about the velvet trend.  After a little research and playing around with Polyvore, there are ways to wear it without looking like you are trapped in the 70’s. Side note: Does anyone else hear the guy from 'Coming to America' asking, “What is this? Velvet?”.  Just Me?  LOL, oh well. Seriously, how gorgeous is this velvet top? This piece can be dressed up or down.


Chile if you know me, you know the color red (or crimson) is my jam. The fact that it is a trendy color for this season makes it even better.  Here's a way to incorporate two trends into one outfit by pairing this floral blouse with a cute pair of red satin pants.


Now this is a tricky one for me. It takes me a little out of my comfort zone. Flashy is just not my style, but there are some more muted ways to add metallics to your wardrobe. This cute but simple bronze sweater is a great way to do it.

What do you guys think of some of the trends for this season? Would wear any of them? Let me know in the comments or on social media what you think.

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